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Emils Gaming Gears

Kaiko 3DP Limited Edition

Kaiko 3DP Limited Edition

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Wired version: Shipped within one week from order

Wireless version: [Pre-order] Shipping from late July to August 2024 at any time

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Slender waist height

A new option made with a 3D printer.
Super lightweight without reducing functionality.
A truly symmetrical mouse that can be used with your left hand.

  • removable side switch

    You can now use the side buttons with your left hand.
    You can also remove everything to make it lighter.

  • Emils' original board

    We succeeded in creating an ultra-lightweight board by making it smaller than a normal board.

  • 3D printed shell

    We have achieved weight reduction by introducing a shape that is impossible with injection molding.

Package contents

What's included

・Instruction manual

・Product body

・Left-handed conversion kit 1 piece

・6mmx6mm general-purpose point sole 4 pieces

・Type -A to C cable *Wireless version only

・1000Hz dongle *Wireless version only

Technical specifications

Weight and body size

  • Wireless version: 38g / Wired version: 32g
  • Length: 117.2mm
  • Width: 62.1mm
  • Height: 39.8mm

sensors and processors

  • PAW3395
  • 26000DPI (default: 800DPI)
  • 650IPS
  • 50G
  • Wireless version: 1KHz (4K compatible Planned) / Wired version: 8KHz polling rate
  • 32bit ARM processor

Software and drivers

  • Plug-and-play compatible (excluding various setting changes)
  • Uniquely designed simple and easy-to-use setting software


  • All switches use high-quality parts from Japanese manufacturers
  • D2FP optical micro switch / EC10E rotary encoder
  • Wireless version: 70 hours battery life
  • Material: Nylon12


Q. What is the difference from the regular version? Which one is suitable for me?

A. The main difference is "weight" and "function".

3D printers are extremely lightweight, so they are recommended for people who value comfort and a sense of unity with their hands. The side switch can be removed regardless of your dominant hand.
On the other hand, the regular version is created with emphasis on solidity.

For example, the 3DP version is like an ace machine and the regular version is like a mass-produced machine.

Q. Will the 3D printed mouse dent when pressed?

A. We have created a balance between lightness and rigidity so that it will not dent under the force applied during normal game play.

Since it is manufactured for pointing purposes, it is not compatible with ``build quality tests'' such as forcing it in with both hands.

However, the high toughness of Nylon12 makes it difficult to break even when excessive force is applied.

Q.When will it be shipped?

A. The wired version is scheduled to be shipped from late April to late May 2019, and the wireless version is scheduled to be shipped from late July to late August 2014.

We use a batch production method, so shipping times may vary depending on the customer's order status.

You can check the details of the production status from time to time on X (formerly Twitter) or our website.

Q. I am a left-handed mouser. Is it possible to switch the side button from the left side to the right side?

A. Yes, it is possible. Please use the included "left-handed conversion kit".

This product does not use the hot swap method that uses magnets for the side switch.
Magnets are easy to remove, which is something outside of play, and you end up carrying weight during play.

In order to accommodate left-handed users, you will need to disassemble the product once.
Thank you for your understanding as this is a result of our focus on not having to change direction frequently and above all, not adding any weight such as magnets.

Video manuals for disassembly and replacement will be released on the website in due course, so please check them before proceeding.

Q.Can I purchase customized parts or just the main board?

A.This product will be sold on this website around the shipping date.

Please note that the delivery date may vary depending on the production status of this product.

Q.Is there a manual for disassembling and cleaning or customizing parts?

A. Of course. We are planning to prepare a manual with images or videos.

We will publish it on our website as the product shipping time approaches.